Landscape Planning and Design

All the most beautiful gardens and landscapes were conceived with a comprehensive plan that details the elements of the landscape and shows where each feature should be placed. A proper design will give the landscaping structure (which translates to balance and efficiency) and character (which makes the landscaping unique and intriguing).

A cohesive landscape plan is a very prudent investment. It will save time, frustration and money…and if done properly, will make you proud of your living work of art. We can deliver a beautiful landscape by utilizing an eye for design and practical experience. Combine these important factors to create gardens that invoke harmony and peacefulness, while complementing the style of the home and increasing its value.

Are you tired of buying plants that don’t work? Selecting a plant for a location should not be done simply by trial and error. Our designs take into account light exposure, soil acidity and makeup, wind exposure, slopes, and space to grow. We understand that this may be the first time you are undertaking a project like this, so our job is to make you feel at ease. And we’ll do that by explaining the process every step of the way.

Our design process is a very exciting one. We offer you a chance to learn about – and become a part of – the design process and we approach this in a very no-nonsense way. Our goal is to create a unique landscape that becomes a living, breathing conversation piece that makes you proud.

To that end, we’ll collaborate with you to integrate your style and tastes into a unique landscape that meets the needs of your particular family. Whether it’s an entertainers’ paradise, a playground for the kids, a private retreat or a specifically themed garden, we offer a fresh approach.

Choose Landcare for your next landscaping project and you can be sure that your investment , like the plants, will grow.

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