Pruning and Shaping

Landcare provides shrub and tree pruning and shaping services for residential and commercial needs. Our skilled technicians are well versed in the care and maintenance of ornamental shrubs and perennials, always choosing the best time of year to cut back and shape.

Pruning serves two purposes:

1.  Maintenance and shaping:  Keeping bushes, shrubs, and trees within the confines of the space provided for safety and for a pleasing appearance.  Landcare’s technicians know when to prune to protect plants from disease, pests, and winter damage.  Timing is key when pruning in order to get the most out of flowering plants.  Dead and damaged limbs need to be pruned out in order to allow the plant to renew with fresh growth.

2.  Hazard Reduction:  Pruning out low limbs overhanging walkways and parking areas minimize the possibility of injury.  Thinning out crowded or dying tree limbs mitigates the chances of splitting and fallen limbs.