Mulch Beds and Tree Wells

Mulching seems simple right? Just open a bag and spread it out with your hands. That is not the case when trying to provide a beautiful, eye-popping curb appeal. If not done correctly, one finds they are faced with excess weeds, stunted or lifeless plants, and mulch that loses its luster in no time.

Landcare uses only the finest double or triple shredded mulches, free of outside debris and ground root balls, which can harbor spores that blast siding and walls. Prior to applying mulch, Landcare’s skilled technicians uproot unwanted grasses and weeds, carefully selecting only unwanted plants, not flowers and groundcovers.

To really make mulch beds stand out, our technicians cut in a 3″+ edge to all mulch beds. This has a number of benefits first and foremost providing a clean and well defined border. This edging also provides a barrier against grasses and weeds creeping in from the surrounding turf. Heavy rains are less likely to wash mulch into the lawn with edging in place and also provides easier maintenance in the delineation of the turf and mulch bed.

Using only mulch from the highest quality manufacturers allows for minimal breakdown of material and loss of color and luster over time. Many colors and wood types are available to meet your architectural preferences.

Slow release, pre-emergent herbicides can be spread in the beds in order to prevent new weeds and grasses from germinating in mulch beds, saving time weeding and providing a clean appearance.